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Stay In Your Vehicle

Stay in Your Car During your Service Visit

Can you trust the world around you?  Do you worry that you’re going to suffer from COVID-19 symptoms if you have to wait during your vehicle service?  Wouldn’t you rather stay in your car when you take it to Jiffy Lube® for your oil change?  No matter how you feel about the world around you and the pandemic we’re all facing together, you can stay in your car and let the team at Jiffy Lube® get to work on your vehicle while you remain comfortable.

Doesn’t the Car Need to be Turned Off?

It’s true, the Jiffy Lube® team does need to turn off your vehicle to service your vehicle.  This means you could be stuck in a hot service bay, in a hot car, feeling like a piece of meat in a pressure cooker.  Thankfully, Jiffy Lube® has the right solution for you.  You can feel cool and stay in your car when you come in for service.  The in-car cooling units offered at Jiffy Lube® will pump cool air to you through your open window and keep you safe and cool during your visit.

Cooling Units are Inspected

The Jiffy Lube® in-car cooling units are inspected regularly and filters are changed often to make sure you can have the cool air you want that’s clean and free of allergens and bacteria.  You get to enjoy the comfort of your car while staying cool during the visit to your favorite Jiffy Lube® location.  Once the service team is done, you’ll be on your way once the service is complete and know that you can get on with your day.  You never have to leave your vehicle during the service and you’ll know the cool air coming in is clean and safe.

How Does Cool Air Get to You?

The cooling units pump cool air through a large tube into the open window of your car to make sure you can feel comfortable during your visit at Jiffy Lube®.  This allows you to stay cool, enjoy a comfortable feeling, and have the safety of social distancing.

Jiffy Lube® Makes it Easy for You

If you thought getting your car serviced in a Jiffy was easy before, now it’s even easier.  Stay in your car, have the payment tool brought to your window, and let the Jiffy Lube® team get to work.  They can perform the service you need while you’re in the car enjoying the cool air coming from the in-car cooling units. You’ll have the service you need and get back on the road right away when you see the team at Jiffy Lube® today.