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Vehicle Headlight Cleaning

When Did You Last Have Your Headlights Cleaned?

If you’re driving around in a vehicle that’s nearly fifteen years old, congratulations on keeping your vehicle on the road that long. While you’ve probably been a stickler for the maintenance of many parts of your car when was the last time you had your headlights cleaned? If you look at the front of your car and you see lights that are hidden behind yellowed and dingy covers, it’s time to see the team at your local Jiffy Lube® location to have this problem rectified right away.

Why Have Your Headlights Cleaned?

Not only will you enjoy the fresh appearance of the front of your car when you allow the Jiffy Lube® team to clean your headlights, but you’ll also have better visibility when it’s dark outside, and drive in a vehicle that’s much safer. If you can drive around at night with your high beams on and no one else seems to care, it’s past time for you to bring your ride to Jiffy Lube® for the service that will make your lights shine bright once again.

Jiffy Lube® Offers A Specialized Process

Some people will tell you that you don’t need to see a professional team to have your headlights cleaned. A little toothpaste and a hard brush and they will shine like new. While this process can take some of the fading away, the Jiffy Lube® team has a process that is sure to get the job done without damaging your headlight lenses. This team uses solvents and specialized cleaning tools to remove the stains from your plastic headlight lenses and give you the bright and beautiful view you want to enjoy. It’s important for you to see what’s going on and your headlights are what you rely on when it’s dark outside.

What Causes Headlights To Become Faded And Dirty?

Your headlights are exposed to many aspects of driving that make it easy for them to become dirty. Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, the exhaust coming from other vehicles, road debris, animal droppings, and dirt from the side of the road all cause the yellow, dirty, and cloudy view of what was once clear plastic headlight lenses. When you see your lenses becoming a bit cloudy and muddled, you need to have them cleaned by the professional team at Jiffy Lube® to give you the visibility you need once again.

It’s Not Your Eyes, It’s the Eyes Of Your Car

Have you felt like it was more difficult to drive at night than it had been in the past? While your eyes could be changing, if you have no problem with your vision during the day, the trouble could simply be a lack of light shining in front of you from the eyes of your car. Whether it’s a couple of years old or it’s becoming a classic, your vehicle needs to have headlights that are clean, clear, and offer the brightness you need. Let your local Jiffy Lube® team get to work cleaning your headlights today.