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Over the past 18 months, working remote has become the norm for millions of people. Working remote means that people can go days without starting up their vehicle as there’s no need to go to the office. You may not be putting many miles on your vehicle, but don’t skip getting an oil change. Your vehicle needs a change of oil regardless of how many miles you are currently driving each month.

Many people opt to schedule an oil change after driving a specified number of miles. That’s because mileage limits usually occur before time limits. Continue reading to learn more about this routine car maintenance even when you’re not driving often.

Engine Oil Degrades Over Time

The engine oil itself does not necessarily go bad. However, when a car is not driven regularly, moisture in the engine builds up. As the excess moisture combines with the engine oil, the consistency will change, degrading the oil. The engine oil will no longer be able to lubricate your vehicle’s engine. This can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the engine, causing damage.

When you drive your car daily, the engine heats up to burn off the moisture. However, working remote may mean that you may only make a couple of short drives each week in your car. This does not allow your engine to get hot enough. Scheduling an oil change will replace the degraded oil with fresh oil.

Your Vehicle’s Engine Can Sustain Permanent Damage

Engine oil plays an essential role in keeping your engine properly lubricated. It also helps maintain the engine temperature by regulating friction. If you don’t drive often, the poor oil quality will put the engine at risk of permanent damage.

Repairing an engine can be very expensive. The worst-case scenario is for you to get an engine replacement. No automobile owner wants to deal with the cost or hassle of replacing an engine. It is much easier and more affordable to change your oil regularly.

How Often to Schedule an Oil Change?

Every make and model requires oil changes at different frequencies. Older cars usually need an oil change more frequently than newer models. A good rule of thumb is to consult your owner’s manual and follow recommendations from the vehicle’s manufacturer. Even if you do not hit the mileage requirements, you should change the oil in your vehicle at least twice a year.

Tips for Protecting Your Car While Working Remote

While working remote, staying on top of regular oil changes is the best thing that you can do. But the type of oil you choose can make a difference. Synthetic oil is highly recommended. This type of oil is more expensive, but it is less prone to degrading if a car is not driven regularly. When you schedule your next oil change, spend a little bit more and invest in synthetic oil.


If you have been working remote and not driving as much as usual, it is probably time to change your oil. Contact Jiffy Lube® today to schedule a full-service oil change for your automobile. We’ll help you keep your vehicle in great condition so it is ready for when your commute goes back to normal.