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Get Ready, Hurricane Season is Here

Every year, the coastal states experience Hurricane Season. This season begins in June and runs through November as the prime time and conditions for hurricanes to form and potentially hit the coast of the country. While we don’t always have devastating storms, you never know which year will be the one when your home will be hit with a Category 5 hurricane which will cause you to evacuate and head inland for safety. Let’s talk about some things you need to do to get yourself ready in case you need to leave.

Get Your Vehicle Ready to Go

As we move through hurricane season, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is ready to go. Bring your car to our local  Jiffy Lube® location and let our team get you ready when you have to evacuate. We can handle your tire rotation, fluid changes, engine inspection, and suspension services to ensure your vehicle is ready to go. You can’t evacuate without a reliable ride and our team will help ensure your vehicle is ready to take you where you need to go.

Plan Your Route

What’s the best route for you to get out of town and head to safety? Plan at least three routes in case one or two of them are shut down before you can leave and head toward a safe place to wait out the storm. Ensure you think about your pets in your plan and make a practice run to ensure it’s a familiar route for you.

Put an Emergency Box Together

One large box or tote with emergency supplies can make a huge difference when you need to evacuate your home. This box should include extra batteries, prescription medications, drinking water, non-perishable food, first aid supplies, a weather radio, some basic tools, a flashlight, and a couple of ponchos. Have this box in a place where you can grab it and head out quickly.

Check Your Insurance Policies

Ensure you have appropriate insurance to cover your home and belongings in case the hurricane demolishes your home. This could mean the difference between being able to rebuild and having to start all over in a new place.

Protect Your Home the Best You Can

Look around your property and perform some of the tasks necessary to protect your home in case of one of these major storms. You want to cut back branches on trees, install storm shutters on your windows, and seal outside wall openings to name a few of the ways you can help your home survive the storm.

Head to Safety with the Help of Our Team

The last thing you’re going to do when you have to evacuate during hurricane season is drive away. When you turn to our team at  Jiffy Lube® to handle the services that will make your vehicle ready for the drive to safety, you can feel secure and confident that you’re going to arrive at your destination and be able to wait out the storm.