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Gear shifter in vehicle

Most cars use an automatic transmission, so most drivers should know how to care for this crucial auto component. You should think of taking care of your automatic transmission just like changing your engine oil – as an essential, regular service. Learn more about caring for your automatic transmission, including how Jiffy Lube transmission services are here to help you. 


Inspect the Fluid Regularly

The transmission fluid is just one of several liquids in your car that you should make a point to check regularly. What you see will help you decide if you need Jiffy Lube transmission services or not. 

How to Check the Fluid

Put your car to park and leave your engine idling. Remove the dipstick for the transmission fluid, and then wipe it clean. Then reinsert it and take it out to get a reading. Remember that a low level may indicate a leak. 

Now, look at the fluid itself. It should be transparent and bright without muddiness or milkiness. The most common color is reddish, but the color depends on the manufacturer. The key here is that if the fluid looks dark or cloudy, you need Jiffy Lube transmission services. 


Flush the Transmission

Like other parts of your car that include liquids, you should occasionally flush out the transmission. Check your owner’s manual for the ideal intervals. This is another part of the Jiffy Lube transmissions service, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. 


Always Use Proper Fluid

When it comes time to swap out your transmission fluid, always use proper fluids. Your owner’s manual will tell you what type of fluid to use. Or you can ask our team at your next Jiffy Lube transmission services. 


Be Gentle With Your Brakes

Using your brakes properly will save you the need for both Jiffy Lube transmission services and brake services. That is because putting a small amount of pressure on your brakes will strain the automatic transmission and the engine. It can also engage the brake light switch, which hurts the overdrive gears. 

The key here is to avoid leaving your foot resting on the brake pedal. As a bonus, it won’t just expand the life of your transmission and engine. It can also encourage more cautious driving habits. 


Care for the Cooling System

You likely know that your auto’s cooling system helps keep the engine at a safe temperature, but you may not realize that it is also crucial for your transmission. The cooling system keeps the transmission fluid at an appropriate temperature. Without a fully functional cooling system, your transmission fluid and the transmission itself can overheat. 


Get Your Transmission Service at Jiffy Lube

When your car is due for transmission service, visit Jiffy Lube at your convenience; no need for an appointment. Don’t forget to keep us in mind for your other auto service needs, from your brakes to your cooling system. Remember that keeping one component of your car in good condition helps the entire vehicle function properly.