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You will commonly hear that auto inspections are a great way to save money in the long run. But why is this the case? Discover how regular inspections at Jiffy Lube can keep your overall maintenance costs low. 

Fix Problems When They Are Small

One of the biggest advantages of auto inspections is that they let you spot problems early. The sooner you fix a problem, the smaller it is likely to be while you fix it. This, in turn, reduces the cost of the repair itself. 

Reduce Downtime or Use of Alternative Transport 

Handling repairs while they are small also reduces associated costs. For example, more intensive repairs can take days, requiring you to pay for a rental car or alternative transportation. In the case of businesses, inspections can similarly reduce downtime. 

Extend Life of Parts and Auto Overall

A natural benefit of spotting problems early is that your car and each component last longer. The longer you can drive your current car, the better value you get from it, and you can push off buying a replacement. 

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Not all of the savings from auto inspections relate to maintenance. Inspections also help your car run at its peak efficiency. That is because inspections will spot problems that may be preventing this, letting you repair your car. It should go without saying that improved efficiency saves you money on fuel. 

Boost Resale Value

Yet another way that auto inspections save you money is by improving the resale value of your car. That is because your auto’s condition is a major factor affecting its resale value, and a well-maintained vehicle will be in better condition. You can even show your maintenance and inspection records to a potential buyer as proof to boost its value. 

Reduce Insurance Costs

You may not realize it, but regular auto inspections can help you reduce your insurance costs. That is because insurance companies recognize that well-maintained cars are safer. The insurance company is less likely to have to make a payout if your vehicle is safe, so that you may be eligible for a discount. 

Helps With Insurance Claims

If you do get in an accident and need to file a claim, the fact that you had regular auto inspections will help you significantly. You will have done your due diligence to show that your car didn’t have any issues you knew about. This would contrast with if you were to get in an accident with an uninspected car. In that case, your insurance company may decide you were negligent and not pay for your claim. 

Reduces Stress

There’s also the fact that having regular auto inspections will reduce your stress by giving you peace of mind. After all, you will know everything is functioning properly, and you can likely reach your destination without an issue. You won’t have to worry about your car breaking down at an inopportune moment. This way, you won’t be late for an important event because of a breakdown. You may also notice a reduction in stress due to the already-mentioned financial benefits of inspections. 

Schedule an Inspection at Jiffy Lube

The next time you are due for an auto inspection, schedule service at Jiffy Lube. Our technicians will give your car a thorough inspection and then repair any issues we find.