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Even if you have been driving for decades, driving in the rain can still be challenging, especially if it is raining extremely hard. Regular maintenance from Jiffy Lube can ensure your car is in good shape and ready to handle the weather. But you also need to know how to stay in control of your car and what to avoid doing in the rain. Here’s a list of things not to do in the rain.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

One of the most important rules of driving in the rain is slowing down. Remember that the speed limit is for good weather conditions. If it is raining, you need to drive slower than the speed limit. This is crucial because slippery roads make it harder to control your car and make it harder to stop. By driving more slowly, you give yourself additional reaction time. That lets you overcome the challenges of the slippery road.

Don’t Follow Too Close

The idea of leaving extra space when driving in the rain is similar to slowing down. You want to give yourself more time and distance to stop and make decisions. Following further behind the car ahead of you gives you more distance for your car to stop. That’s important as your car will need more distance in the rain.

It’s especially important because you don’t want to slam your brakes in the rain. While this can be dangerous in normal driving conditions, it’s especially bad in the rain. That’s because it increases the risk of hydroplaning, with your car sliding out of control.

Don’t Forget to Turn on Your Headlights

Yet another crucial tip for driving in the rain is to turn on your headlights. Rain reduces visibility, so you need to turn on your headlights so other vehicles can see you and you can see them. Many states have a law requiring you to turn on your headlights if your wipers are on. Whether or not it is the law where you live, this is smart to follow. Remember that having your headlights on helps both you and other drivers.

Don’t Drive While Distracted

Ideally, you never drive while distracted. You shouldn’t be texting or trying to do something else while driving. Even fiddling with the radio can be a distraction. While these distractions are bad in good weather, they are even worse in poor weather like rain. Make an extra effort to keep your eyes on the road and limit distractions. Keep both hands on the wheel. This gives you more time to spot issues and react.

Jiffy Lube Maintenance Keeps You in Control of Your Car in the Rain

In addition to all of the above tips for driving in the rain, make sure to keep up with regular maintenance at Jiffy Lube. This ensures that everything from your brakes to your tires to your other systems is fully functional. You don’t want a crucial component to fail in the rain, putting you at risk. So, keep up with regular maintenance, bring your car to Jiffy Lube for prompt repairs when necessary, and drive carefully to stay safe in the rain.