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vehicle on the road during autumn

Getting ready for a road trip is more than just planning your route and deciding what hotels to stay in. You also have to get your car ready. You can do this with the help of the car service Jiffy Lube offers. Consider having our Jiffy Lube technicians perform the following services before your next road trip.

Brake Inspection

An important car service Jiffy Lube offers is a brake inspection and any necessary servicing. Your brakes are crucial to your safety on the road, and you don’t want an issue to arise when you are hundreds or thousands of miles from home.

While this is a good service to have done before a road trip, you should do it if you notice any warning signs of brake problems, such as:

– Sponginess of the brake pedal
– Squeaking
– Grinding
– Steering wheel shaking

Fluid Check and Top OFF

Inspecting and filling up fluids is easily a popular car service Jiffy Lube offers between services. This includes checking and topping off the following fluids:

– Brake fluid
– Oil
– Transmission fluid
– Windshield washer fluid
– Power steering fluid
– Antifreeze

Our technicians will check your fluid levels as well as the quality of the fluid.

Light Inspection

Most road trips involve at least some night driving, which is where the lighting car service Jiffy Lube offers comes in handy. Your lights are also the type of thing you can typically check yourself, with help from a friend, for the exterior lights. If you notice anything amiss, have our technicians get to the source of the problem and fix your lights. After all, you want to be able to see the road and be visible regardless of the weather conditions.

Tire Inspection

Our car service Jiffy Lube technicians will also gladly inspect your tires. This includes checking the inflation level and the tread and looking for any signs of bulges or other issues. We can even check for misalignment and realign your tires if necessary.

Why is tire inflation so important? Overinflation or underinflation can lead to premature wear, tire blowouts, overheating, or bump rides. And if your tires are too worn, you won’t get enough traction on the road, putting you at risk of an accident.

Let Jiffy Lube Technicians Inspect Your Car

Before your next road trip, plan on having an inspection done at your closest Jiffy Lube location. Our technicians will ensure that your car is in good shape, reducing the risk of problems on the road. And all of our services include high-quality parts and the work being completed by highly trained technicians. This way, you can focus on the adventure of your road trip, not worrying about if your car will make it. Best of all, our prices are highly competitive. You don’t have to schedule service for a thorough pre-road-trip inspection.