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hands on a car battery

Like most things in your vehicle, you tend to overlook a battery replacement until it’s too late. Your vehicle’s battery is like the central nervous system—all rivers run through it. Your starter, fuel ignition system, and anything powered by electricity in your car—they all need a functioning battery to work properly. If your battery lets you down, it means you need a battery replacement, pronto.

At Jiffy Lube, we can help you out before and after disaster strikes, whether you need an emergency or routine battery replacement.

Proactive Battery Replacement

While most battery replacements happen after it’s too late to spot trouble, coming into Jiffy Lube for our world-class Battery Diagnostic Service ensures our certified battery technicians can identify and diagnose your problem. This will ensure you get the battery replacement you need before your car dies on you when you need it most. And unlike the other guys, we will not advise you get a battery replacement you don’t need.

If our technicians determine your battery still has plenty of juice in it, then a battery replacement is not needed, and you can be on your merry way.

But should you need one, our service technicians will ensure the installation was performed without any hiccups, and you can drive home with all of your worries in the rearview mirror.

Terminal Cleaning and Cable End Battery Replacement

If you’re scratching your head wondering why your brand-new battery is giving you trouble, it may be your battery’s terminals that are the culprits. Sometimes, terminals can corrode or get clogged up with dirt and debris. A quick spruce-up and post-cleaning inspection of the terminals will ensure any obstructions are removed as part of your battery replacement.

Your cable ends (where the “clips” are) can also die on you, and our certified technicians will take an extra look to make sure they aren’t to blame for your woes, and if so, we will get them replaced in a jiffy!

Get a Battle-Tested Battery Replacement at Jiffy Lube

Never, ever let your battery let you down again. At Jiffy Lube, our world-class technicians can identify and solve virtually any battery-related issue with a full-service battery replacement. Experience the Jiffy Lube difference for yourself today!