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man adjusting windshield wiper blade

GET the Visibility You Need FOR A SAFE Drive

You could drive for days on end without ever needing to use your windshield wipers, but when you do need to use them, you want them to perform right for you. You depend on your wipers to remove the rain, snow, and dirt from your windshield to offer you the visibility you need to see what’s going on around you. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know that our wipers need to be replaced until we go to use them and they don’t work correctly.

Jiffy Lube® is Here to Help

You might not think of Jiffy Lube® as the place to go for your windshield wipers, but this team not only has the best oil change service, they also offer wiper blades that can be installed on your vehicle. Part of their oil change service is an inspection of your wiper blades, which makes it easy for you to know before they fail. It would be troublesome to drive on the roads and learn that your wipers need to be replaced when you need them to work at a moment’s notice.

Why Do You Need to Replace Your Wipers?

Over time, the rubber of the windshield wipers will break down due to the harmful effects of the sun and the environment you live in. Even the wiper blade replacement will need to be replaced eventually. If you’ve experienced a harsh winter or have been through a lot of rain, you’ve likely used your wipers more than you should. This can cause the wear and tear that breaks down your wipers and causes them to need to be replaced to provide you the visibility you need.

Extra Help for Your Vehicle

The Jiffy Lube® team will not only offer you the wiper blade replacement for your vehicle but they also add a special chemical treatment on the exterior glass of your vehicle. This treatment is made to repel the rain, snow, sleet, and other items that could end up on the glass of your vehicle. This treatment can even improve the ability to defog the glass when you get inside and need to use the defogger to see out of the windshield more easily. This chemical also improves the effectiveness of the wipers that you use on your car.

Follow the Guidance Given

When you have service performed at the Jiffy Lube® center, you’re going to have more than just your wipers inspected. If this team informs you that it’s the best time to have your wiper blades replaced, you need to listen to them and replace them right away. By replacing your wipers, when needed, you’ll be able to drive on the roads with the confidence you need that your vehicle is going to help keep you safe and secure from behind the wheel.