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Vehicle Inspection

Some states make drivers have their vehicles inspected before they’re allowed to register them every so often. Exactly when and how often depends on where you live. For example, if you buy your car brand new in Missouri, it is exempt from the requirement for the first five years. So, a 2021 Chevrolet Suburban won’t have to be inspected until 2026, and so on.

Each state is in charge of its state car inspection requirements and guidelines. That’s why you shouldn’t trust the task to just anyone. You and your car deserve the best. Then you’ll gain peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is safe for you and your passengers. But, of course, you’ll also be able to rest easy, knowing that the car is up to code and doesn’t pose a danger to others. The only thing left to do now is search for a Jiffy Lube nearby. But, keep in mind that the service isn’t available at all locations, so check with your local shop to see what’s offered.

What Systems Are Checked?

A state car inspection is usually broken down into several sections. The components in the systems must be in proper working order. They should also not impact the car’s drivability. When you head to a nearby service center, the items tested will vary. However, there are normally eight categories, including:

• Brakes
• Steering
• Windshield
• Fluid leakage
• Light functionality
• Tires
• Safety/seat belts
• Alignment

What If Something Fails?

If a particular system fails, your vehicle will fail the inspection. Then you need to fix or replace the faulty part or piece. Just make the repairs, or have a mechanic complete them. After that, you can seek another state car inspection nearby, where the technician will check the work. As long as everything checks out okay, your car will pass, and you’ll be on your way in no time flat. However, if the same problem exists or another one has developed, your vehicle could fail for a second time. So, get everything in tip-top shape, to begin with, and save yourself some grief.

Follow Manufacturer Recommendations

As far as maintenance schedules and service intervals go, Jiffy Lube follows a manufacturer’s recommendations. That means it doesn’t matter if you own a Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, or something else; your vehicle maintenance will stay up to date. The next step is to visit a nearby Jiffy Lube for a state car inspection. You’ll be in good hands with the techs there, and they’ll surpass your expectations by going above and beyond. How about brake testing or vehicle emissions testing? The company does that too. Then again, maybe a light bulb inspection and replacement service will do the trick.
The point is that there are plenty of Jiffy Lube branches. So, if a state car inspection nearby isn’t suitable, all may not be lost. Contact your local service center to see what’s available. And then, while you have the representative on the line, you can even schedule an appointment if you wish.