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Do You Need Fleet Support?

Are you operating a service fleet in several locations, a local car rental office, or a delivery fleet?  If so, the most important aspect of your fleet is keeping your vehicles on the road. This means proper preventative maintenance, timely care, and minimal time in repair shops. You need a flexible service team that can meet your needs and keeps your fleet driving right.  Unless you’re going to have a service team on staff, you will need to find a service location that offers the flexibility you’re looking for.

Fleet Service for Big or Small

Do you have a company that has locations around the country and need national service that’s billed as one? Are you working with a small local fleet or regional group of vehicles and need the convenience of consolidated billing? Would you rather have your services performed on a “pay as you go” process and not at the end of the month? These are all options you have when you choose to let Jiffy Lube® handle the services your fleet needs Yes, Jiffy Lube® can handle your fleet and give you the regular maintenance and services you’re looking for.

Avoid Typical Fleet Hassles

The team of drivers and service technicians that you have in your fleet of vehicles isn’t going to be able to tell a vehicle service member what your fleet needs.  At some locations, these drivers might be taken advantage of by bad business practices and unlimited billing. Thankfully, when you work with the Jiffy Lube® team, you have the option of creating a customizable program that gives you control over services, billing, payments, and scheduling. You’ll stay in your budget and know that your fleet is being cared for the right way.

Enjoy the Dedication of Jiffy Lube®

When you need to ask questions, make changes, or discuss your account what type of service do you want?  You want to work with a dedicated account manager that can look at your services and explain what’s going on. At Jiffy Lube®, the Fleet Program is set up to give you a single dedicated team member to work with and help you get the most out of your fleet account. When you call or email, you’re always working with the same person, which allows you to create a relationship, regardless of the size of your fleet account.

Most Fleet Cards Accepted

Do you drive a company vehicle?  If so, you’re going to want to use your fleet credit card for the service performed on your vehicle. Thankfully, you can bring your company vehicle to Jiffy Lube® and enjoy the benefits of a speedy oil change or other services. Jiffy Lube® accepts most company fleet credit cards. This will give you the peace of mind to know that you’re never far from the service that you need. Stop by and see your local Jiffy Lube® team and learn more about the Fleet Program today.