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Fast Service and Faster Savings are in the Jiffy Lube® Name

What do you expect when you see a Jiffy Lube® sign?  You know that’s a place where you can get an oil change faster than anywhere else. Our Jiffy Lube® team offers fast service and faster savings to make sure you never overpay or spend too much time for the services you need for your car. You can get an oil change during your lunch hour and still have time for your meal when you let our team take care of your vehicle needs.

More than Just Oil Changes

While the name tells you that you can get oil changes in a hurry, we offer much more at Jiffy Lube®. Does your transmission need to be serviced? Has your suspension come out of balance? Does your fuel system need to be cleaned?  Our team can perform these services and make sure you can ride with confidence knowing your vehicle has been maintained the right way at the right place. Come in and see what we have to offer and let our team help you get back on the road today.

Where are You Getting Tires, Brakes, and Wipers?

Do you expect Jiffy Lube® to offer tires, brakes, and wipers for your vehicle?  If not, you should. Our team can offer you the items that fit your vehicle and make it easy for you to continue to drive. The tires, brakes, and wipers are three of the consumable items of your car that need to be replaced regularly. Even if you’re only in for an oil change, our team will inspect these items to make sure you can continue to drive with confidence and don’t need to have some of these items replaced before the next rainstorm arrives.

Jiffy Lube® Goes Deeper with Fast Service and Faster Savings

Our speedy service can go so far as to offer you a tune-up to make sure your vehicle feels right on the road. We can offer you the headlight cleaning you need or the belt service you’re looking for to make sure your lights and engine run right. Does your battery need to be replaced?  How well is your air conditioner working?  These are items that we can help you with as well. Visit one of our Jiffy Lube® locations and we’ll get to work right away.

How Does Jiffy Lube® Offer Faster Savings?

The number of services we offer makes it easy for you to know that we make good on the Fast Service promise, but how are we offering faster savings?  It’s easy, we offer pricing that can’t be beaten and a long list of coupons that can save you money for the service you need to have completed. If you find the same service at a competitor for less, bring the ad to our location and we’ll beat it for you. We save you money and we do it quickly to make sure you save more of what’s most valuable to you, your time.