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You Decide

How do you feel about high-pressure sales tactics?  Most of us hate them but have fallen victim to them at times. These tactics can vary from being offered a warranty at the cash register at the electronics store to being told you need to have the underbody wash for your vehicle at the car wash.  When you visit your local vehicle service center, you don’t want to deal with high-pressure service offerings that don’t make any sense for you. Unfortunately, most locations are required to offer services to you, whether you need them or not.

Dealerships Can be the Worst

You might think that taking your vehicle to the dealership where you bought it was the smartest thing you could do, but you would be wrong. Unless you have a service contract with the dealership, you should take your vehicle to other locations for routine maintenance when it’s time.  Many dealers require appointments when you come in for service, and almost always offer you services you weren’t expecting. They will put the pressure on by telling you that you need to have services performed that aren’t on the schedule.

Preying on Your Feelings

If you don’t know much about your vehicle, the pressure of the service offerings you’ll receive when you visit some dealerships will cause you to question how long you’re going to be driving until you break down. The sales team, even in the service department, has the task of trying to get you to spend more money than you need to. They will tell you that you need services performed that you never heard of and make it sound like you’ll break down as soon as you leave the lot if you don’t have these things completed.

You Need No Pressure During Your Service Visits

What you need for your vehicle is a service team that knows your vehicle and understands that you don’t want to be offered services that don’t make sense. Sometimes you find this at auto service locations in your area, especially if you develop a relationship with the team.  When you have a service team that helps you spend less and only offers to have things done, they can justify and show value in, you’ve got a team you can trust. The best part is when this trusted team shows you what they think needs to be done without making you feel bad if you turn them down.

No Pressure Service at Jiffy Lube®

Build a relationship with the team at your local Jiffy Lube® location and enjoy the no-pressure service offering. Your local Jiffy Lube® may show you what services you need next and what mileage those services should be performed but will always respect your decision to make the choices for your vehicle the way you want. Avoid the pressure of a dealership and enjoy the comfort, respect, and professionalism offered at the Jiffy Lube® around the corner from your home.

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