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check engine light questions

If your engine check light turns on, you should take it seriously. This is an indication that something serious might be wrong. Of course, it may also be something minor, but you don’t want to take the risk. The best solution is to let our Jiffy Lube technicians figure out and correct the issue for you.

We Can Use a Code Reader

One of the first steps to diagnosing your check engine light is to use a code reader or decoder. Your car’s computer has a set of codes, with each one identifying a specific issue. Anytime a warning light is on, our Jiffy Lube team can use a decoder to diagnose the issue for you.

We Can Inspect Your Auto

While the code reader is a very useful tool, we don’t rely on it exclusively. After all, there may be more than one issue at play. That is why our Jiffy Lube technicians will also inspect your engine and look for common causes of the warning light turning on. An inspection also lets us confirm the information from the code reader. This is important as other factors may cause errors with the codes.

Some Common Reasons the Light Is On

The engine check light may turn on for a variety of reasons, from minor to serious issues. Maybe you won’t have to make any repairs, or you’ll need expensive repairs.

For example, the engine check light may indicate you need to replace any of the following:

Catalytic converters
Oxygen sensors
Ignition coils
Spark plugs
Mass airflow sensors
Ignition coils
Evaporation emissions purge control valve
Fuel injectors
Replace evaporative emissions purge solenoid

These can range from just a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand. On the other hand, the light may just indicate you need to tighten your fuel cap, something you can do yourself for free.

Always Pay Attention to the Light

Even if the engine check light may indicate something minor like a loose fuel cap, you should always pay attention to it. Remember that even an issue that is initially minor and easy to fix can worsen over time and become complicated or time-consuming to repair. By having Jiffy Lube technicians confirm the problem, you may save yourself hundreds or even thousands on future repairs.


The next time your check engine light turns on, Jiffy Lube is here to help. We can also help you diagnose any other warning lights. We will always diagnose the issue and let you know what to expect from the necessary repairs before beginning the work. We can also inspect your car to check for other issues and handle basic maintenance from oil changes to brake service. Find a convenient location near you to take advantage of our specials.