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hand cleaning headlight with cloth

When you think about taking care of your car, you likely picture changing the oil or checking your tire pressure. But do you think about headlight cleaning? This is just one of many things that you should stay on top of to keep your car in good shape. Luckily, Jiffy Lube is here to help with your headlight restoration and cleaning.

Headlight Cleaning Has Evolved

If your headlights are yellowed and cloudy, you likely need headlight restoration. Headlight restoration used to be an involved process. Even the best technicians couldn’t complete a headlight cleaning without replacing the light assembly. This was bad news for auto owners, as replacing the full light assembly is understandably costly.

But Jiffy Lube has improved the headlight cleaning and restoration process. Using the Jiffy Lube Headlight Cleaning Service will clarify the lens and remove haze. The result is an affordable way to make your headlights look new.

Our process involves using cleaning tools and solvents to remove the stains from your plastic headlight lenses. You get instant results in a fraction of the time and effort required for traditional headlight cleaning.

Why Clean and Restore Your Headlights?

Even with our efficient headlight restoration service at Jiffy Lube, you may wonder whether you need to clean and restore your headlights.

The short answer is yes.

It Is a Matter of Safety

The reason for headlight restoration comes down to safety. Without restoration, your headlights’ lenses become foggy and hazy with age. This reduces the amount of light that they emit. That, in turn, hurts your visibility.

The fogginess is likely worse if you mostly park your car outside. In that case, exposure to UV rays, air pollution, oxidation, and sunlight worsens the aging process.

New Lightbulbs Aren’t Enough

You can see some improvement by swapping out the bulbs in your headlights, but this will only make a small difference. After all, the bulbs will dim. On top of that, the lenses blocking the bulbs are still dim. There’s also the fact that replacement bulbs usually will not last as long as the original ones.

You Can’t Just Clean the Lens

The other issue is that while the lenses are the issue, you can’t just clean them like the rest of your car. The cloudiness comes from discoloration within the plastic. Thus, you need to use a process that will address this issue.

While there are DIY kits that let you restore your lenses at home, they come with a risk of damaging the nearby surfaces. It is also an involved process that is better left to the professionals.

Schedule Headlight Cleaning at Jiffy Lube

Don’t put your safety at risk with foggy or hazy headlights. Schedule your headlight restoration at your local Jiffy Lube location to maximize your visibility on the road. You will notice instant results after the restoration, letting you start driving with more confidence in low visibility and at night. As a bonus, our technicians can also take care of other services for your car at the same appointment.