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Coolant and Antifreeze Fluid Exchange at Jiffy Lube

Have you experienced being stranded on the road with the hood of your car steaming? Has your vehicle failed to start in the dead of winter because the fluid in your engine was frozen? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you know that the experience is not fun. 

You can avoid any of the above incidents from happening by refilling your engine with a fresh supply of antifreeze. It’s one of the services we offer at Jiffy Lube. Antifreeze is responsible for keeping your fluids from freezing. This service is essential, especially during winter. We also provide a radiator flush service to remove contaminants from your radiator. 

Watch Out for These Signs

You should also visit Jiffy Lube if you notice any signs of leakage in your cooling system. If your engine runs hotter than usual after starting it or if you notice the temperature rising higher and higher as your drive, it’s likely that there’s a leak in your cooling system. Other symptoms to watch out for are the presence of an odor that smells like boiling maple syrup and orange fluid pooling under your car. 

Save Your Engine and Your Money

A car’s cooling system circulates antifreeze and coolant throughout the engine and radiator to help regulate the heat produced by the engine. If the cooling system is not working correctly, the temperature in your engine will rise. The temperature can get hot enough to damage your engine. 

The extreme heat can cause the heads to warp and the gaskets to blow over. If this happens, your engine will stop working. To revive your engine, you’ll need to spend a lot on engine repairs. If you want to save money on costly repairs and have peace of mind, you need to inspect and keep your antifreeze and coolant fluid topped off at Jiffy Lube. 

Cooling System Flush and Fill

You can prevent your engine from overheating and your cooling system from corroding by regularly flushing and filling your antifreeze and coolant. When you bring your vehicle to Jiffy Lube for a cooling system flush and fill, we will first examine your radiator and engine cooling system. Then we will remove old antifreeze and coolant from your radiator. Finally, according to your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, we will fill your radiator with fresh antifreeze and coolant. This service is available at all Jiffy Lube service centers. 

Why Choose Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is a leading provider of automotive preventive maintenance services in the United States. We have more than 2,000 service centers across the country and Canada. Apart from our antifreeze and coolant exchange service, we offer other auto services that include tire rotations, battery replacements, and windshield wiper repair. 

However, what made us a household name is our Signature Oil Change service. It’s not your typical oil change. It’s a comprehensive vehicle maintenance service. We also have highly trained technicians who are always ready to help you with your car maintenance needs.