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car headlights in the dark

You know that visibility is important on the road. You need to see the cars around you, and they need to see you. But even with that knowledge, it is common to underestimate the risks of driving with cloudy or dirty headlights. Discover these risks and how Jiffy Lube headlight cleaning can help you avoid them. Jiffy Lube is a trusted name in automotive preventive maintenance with more than 2,000 locations nationwide.

How Do Your Headlights Become Cloudy?

Unfortunately, it’s common for your headlights to get dirty and cloudy over time. And just wiping them off on the outside is not enough to bring them back to their original condition. You need something more thorough, like Jiffy Lube headlight cleaning. But why do headlights become yellow or cloudy?

Dirt and Chemicals

As with any other part of your auto, dirt and chemicals from the air and road can affect your headlights. As it creates a thin layer, that layer dims the lights, hurting visibility. During a Jiffy Lube headlight cleaning, our technicians will remove the thin layer of this dirt and chemicals.


As the polycarbonate lenses in your headlights are exposed to the air, oxidation occurs. This leads to microscopic cracks, something which leads to that cloudy appearance.

Road Damage

Depending on the roads you drive on, debris, pebbles, and gravel can fly up and hit the headlights. The debris can lead to dents and pits in the lenses. As a result, they appear foggy or yellow.

Water Vapor

The air contains moisture; if there is enough, vapor will build up within your auto’s headlight box. Even as the air dries, the water vapor stays trapped. That trapped water vapor means that the light scatters as it passes through the headlight’s polycarbonate lens. This diffuses the light and creates patterns, hurting visibility.

Why Dirty, Cloudy, or Yellow Headlights Are Dangerous

Even if you know why your headlights get cloudy, you may not feel that you need a Jiffy Lube headlight cleaning. But driving with dirty, cloudy, or yellow headlights is dangerous. These conditions can mean that your headlights only generate 20% of the light you would get from new headlights.

Given the importance of light as you drive at night, having just 20% of it is incredibly serious. This can be downright dangerous. Other cars won’t be able to see you approaching, and you won’t see obstacles on the road.

Professional Cleaning Is the Best Solution

The good news is that you can restore your headlights, eliminating the cloudiness without having to completely replace the components. But no method will work as well as a professional Jiffy Lube headlight cleaning. We will do a thorough job, and our methods don’t damage your headlights.

Schedule Headlight Cleaning at Jiffy Lube

Visit Jiffy Lube for our headlight cleaning service any time you notice your headlights aren’t shining as brightly as they used to. We will restore the clarity of your headlights quickly, helping you stay safe on the road. So, swing by a Jiffy Lube branch today and keep your car in tip-top condition.