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Let Jiffy Lube® Offer You the Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil for Your Vehicle

When you want the best protection for the inner workings of your engine, consider the benefits of using synthetic oil. This is the best oil for your vehicle and it can offer you the perfect protection and performance when you drive. There are different types of synthetic oil, and the Jiffy Lube team can help you pick the right one for your vehicle.

What Does Oil Do?

Engine oil is used to protect the moving parts of your engine. As your engine runs, there are lots of metal components moving past each other thousands of times every minute. Oil is used to lubricate and protect these metal parts from wearing down, overheating, and seizing up. When you choose full synthetic oil during your service at our Jiffy Lube® location, you’re giving your engine the best protection at an affordable price. This oil offers the performance and longevity you want, better fuel economy, and helps to keep things running right.

Comparing Synthetic Oil and Conventional Oil

While you won’t see the differences between full synthetic oil and conventional oil with your naked eye, you will experience an improvement in the performance and reliability of your vehicle over time. Synthetic oil is more refined than conventional oil and tests have shown it prevents sludge buildup better than conventional oil. Additionally, synthetic oil can last two to three times as long as conventional oil, if not longer. The end result is better performance in your vehicle and less frequent oil changes. Here are some more of the benefits you’ll find when you choose full synthetic oil during your oil change at one of our Jiffy Lube® locations.
• Longer intervals between oil changes
• Increased engine protection and less wear from lower friction
• Fewer exhaust emissions
• Better fuel and oil economy – synthetic oil lasts longer
• Reduced engine drag
• Oil effectiveness is more uniform and predictable
• Better all-weather protection
• Quicker engine start time – important for older vehicles
• Cleans engine sludge and deposits better

Now that you know the benefits of using synthetic oil for your vehicle, you’ll never want to use any other type of oil. Make sure you choose the full synthetic oil every time and know that you’re making a small investment in the longevity of the vehicle that you trust every day. Our team at Jiffy Lube® can offer you the right oil for your ride.

You Will Save Money in the Long Run

When you compare the prices of the oil change service, you will pay more for full synthetic oil, but this small added cost will save you money in the long run. You won’t need to see our Jiffy Lube® team as often for oil changes and all the parts of your engine will be better protected for longer with the use of full synthetic oil. The smart choice for your car is to use oil that makes everything work for a lot longer. Visit our team and ask for full synthetic oil during your next oil change.