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Man working on car engine with text saying That's a Job For Jiffy

Car Care? That’s a Job for Jiffy

How much time do you have in your week? Are you sure that you know how to perform maintenance on your vehicle? What happens if something breaks while you’re working on your car? Forget the work and the worry, don’t fret about your schedule, put car care in the hands of the experts. Our team at Jiffy Lube® is ready to show you how easy car maintenance can be. You’ll soon say it too “that’s a job for Jiffy” and you’ll know it’s the right decision.

Easily Protect Your Warranty

You don’t need to know anything about maintaining your car these days, but you do need to know when you should have maintenance done to keep your warranty intact. When one of those mileage marks is reached, pull into one of our Jiffy Lube® service bays and let our team get to work. We’ll enter the service into the computer system to ensure you have a complete maintenance record that can be shown if you ever need warranty work completed. You don’t want to lose your warranty just because you missed a service and our team is ready to help you.

Let Our Team Empower Your Summer Drive

Do you have a road trip planned for the summer? Are you sure that your vehicle is ready to handle the drive to where you want to go? Let our team give you the confidence you need to know that you’re ready to hit the road. You don’t need an appointment, just stop by and we’ll take care of you. Car care, that’s a job for Jiffy and our team takes your summer driving seriously. Once you’re done at our location, you’ll be ready to have a lot of fun during your road trip.

Strange Noises or Odd Driving; Let Our Team Take a Look

There are times when the noises your car makes can worry you. It could be as simple as the need for a new set of brake pads, an alignment, new tires, or a change for the air filter. These simple items can be completed with ease at any of our Jiffy Lube® locations. Let our team diagnose the issue and offer a recommendation for the work that needs to be done. If your vehicle requires a service we can offer, we’ll be glad to get right on it.

That’s a Job for Jiffy

Where should you go when you need an oil change? Is there a place that you take your car when it’s time for a seasonal service? When you need tires or brakes where do you go? The first thing that should come to mind whenever you have a car care question is “that’s a job for Jiffy”. Our Jiffy Lube® team is ready to offer you the signature service you’re looking for whenever you need it. Come in and see how many different ways we can take care of your car and keep you on the road.


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