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At Jiffy Lube, we don’t only provide excellent auto products and services. We also help our customers save on essential services by offering discount coupons. You can apply these discount coupons to the following car care services:

Jiffy Lube Signature SERVICE Oil Change®

When you bring your vehicle to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, we’ll do more than change your oil. Our Signature Service Oil Change service is a comprehensive preventive maintenance service that includes checking, changing, inspecting, flushing, filling, and cleaning essential systems and components of your vehicle.

Our trained technicians will also check your vehicle to look for potential problems and to help you plan your upcoming manufacturer-recommended maintenance. We have more than 2,000 locations in the United States and Canada, so for sure, there’s a branch near you where you can try our Signature Service Oil Change service. Discount coupons apply to conventional, synthetic blends and full synthetic oil changes.

Transmission Service

Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission, we can perform the services needed based on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.

Suspension Service

Jiffy Lube also offers steering and suspension services to straighten and smoothen your vehicle’s ride. Our trained technicians will perform a thorough inspection analysis of your car’s suspension system. And then, they will give recommendations based on their findings.

Fuel System Cleaning

If your vehicle is slow and sluggish, maybe it’s time to clean your fuel system. A clogged fuel system can affect your vehicle’s efficiency and performance. We have the knowledge, skills, and tools to clean your fuel system and replace your old fuel filter if needed.

Engine Services

When your check engine light comes on, you can bring your car to Jiffy Lube to determine what’s wrong with your vehicle. It’s important to know the problem so an appropriate solution can be applied. We will perform a diagnostic test and recommend the right service based on the findings.

Alignment Services

Car alignment service can improve your gas mileage and give you a better ride by tightening handling. It can also keep your vehicle on the road longer.

Headlight Cleaning

We offer a quick, effective, and affordable service that will get your headlights looking new. We can remove haze and clarify your lenses to bring the sparkle back to your headlights.

Brake Services

We perform brake inspections and replace your brake pads if necessary, regardless of your car’s make and model. We can help you drive in confidence knowing your brake is in tip-top shape.

Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services

You need regular battery maintenance service to prolong your battery’s life. We can also replace your battery if needed.

Windshield Services

It’s important to have well-maintained windshield and windshield wiper blades to maintain good road visibility. We can inspect your windshield and windows and replace your wiper blades if necessary.

These are just some of the services that Jiffy Lube provides. You can see discount coupons under the description of individual services on our website. To use these discount coupons, all you need to do is print them and bring them with you on your visit. So take advantage of Jiffy Lube’s car care discount coupons and save money on our top-notch auto services.