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Spotlighting the Essential Service of the Month: Cabin Filter Replacements

Your vehicle needs air that’s pushed through a filter to operate properly and the cabin area of your vehicle also requires an air filter to give you clean air to breathe. The air that’s brought into your cabin comes from the engine area and is either heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature. You don’t want to breathe in the stuff that you find in your engine and that’s what the filter is used to clean out of the air that makes it to your passenger area.

What Did You Last Have Your Cabin Filter Replaced?

Did you know that most automakers recommend that you replace your cabin air filter once every six months? Is this filter on the list of scheduled maintenance for your vehicle or is it something you need to pay attention to on your own? If it’s been a long time since you last replaced the air filter in your cabin, you’ll probably be shocked by how dirty this item is when you see it come out of your vehicle. If it’s been a while, you’ll want to make sure this filter is on your regular schedule to be checked and changed as needed.

Ask for the Right Cabin Filter Replacements

You might not know where the cabin air filter is to replace it. That’s ok, our team at Jiffy Lube® knows right where it’s located and can make sure you never have to drive with dirty air again. We have cabin filter replacements for all makes and models and will have this item changed very quickly for you. Ask our team at Jiffy Lube® to check this item for you whenever you stop by so that you know your filter is always clean.

Provide Your Family With Clean Air

Do you want to keep your family healthy and free of air pollution? Do you want your air conditioning and heating system to work properly? If so, you’ll want to ensure the cabin filter is changed as needed. This filter can stop clean air from making it into the cabin to keep your family cool or warm. A dirty filter can cause your climate system to be blocked and make it nearly impossible for your cabin to feel right. Find the cabin filter replacement at our Jiffy Lube® location and let our team replace it when needed.

Same More at Jiffy Lube®

Check our Jiffy Lube® website before you arrive at our store and find the coupons that will bring you savings on your cabin filter replacement service. Our team will be glad to make sure the air in your cabin is clean and free of debris. You’ll also enjoy the savings we offer on this service. Get more when you see our team and know that you’re going to drive around on the roads with clean air and a system that works great wherever you want to go.