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Belt replacement

Belts do more than keep your pants up. In the automotive world, belts power some of the most critical operational functions of your vehicle. If your belts let you down, then your whole car lets you down. At Jiffy Lube, our certified belt technicians can give you the low-down on which belts do what and why you need to make sure they are in full working order to get the most out of your vehicle, no matter the circumstances

What is the Serpentine Belt?

As the name implies, the serpentine belt (the most common type of automotive belt) is a winding, wisping belt that helps drive some of the most integral components of your vehicle. In most automobiles, you may go tens of thousands of miles without any apparent serpentine belt issues, but should they arise, the consequences can be catastrophic.

 Aside from just inspecting your serpentine belt, our certified belts technicians are trained to not only identify the belt itself, but most importantly, look at the critical components that interact with your belts.

Common Indications That Your Belts Need Repairs

When it comes to issues with belts, it’s important to acknowledge the signs that there may be underlying issues. Some of the most surefire signs of serpentine belts in disarray are squeaking, scraping, jolting, or lurching while the vehicle is in operation. As with the same belt you loop around your waist, your serpentine belt can become frayed, worn out, and threaded.

 Some of the critical components your belts drive include the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air conditioning compressor. As your belt—or the components the belt drives—cease to function properly, it can result in engine overheating, which will lead to much more critical issues.

 By being proactive and letting our certified belts technicians inspect your belt before it breaks, you can stop cataclysmic consequences from taking place.

Periodically Inspect Your Belts

Whether you’re coming in for an oil change or a tire rotation, it’s always a great time to inspect your belts. At Jiffy Lube, we excel at identifying and solving any issues that affect your belts, whether it’s your serpentine or other kind of belt.