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At Jiffy Lube®, You’ll See that Safety is the Ultimate Priority

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed much about how business is done around the world and at Jiffy Lube®, you’ll see that safety is the ultimate priority. We want to make sure you’re safe and comfortable when you visit our service centers and we make sure your ride is safe when you head back out on the road. You want safety to be number one in your life; at Jiffy Lube®, this is the top priority for you and your vehicle.

How Do We Keep You Safer?

Every time you visit one of our locations, you’re going to find an environment that makes you safe and comfortable.  Here are many ways you can enjoy the comfort and protocols we’ve put in place:

  • You can stay in your vehicle during your Jiffy Lube® service – we have industrial cooling units to give you the cool and comfortable feeling you want while we handle the service needed
  • Our bays are open – if you want to enjoy some fresh air, our bays make it easy for you to get into the natural surrounding during the service time
  • Limited Capacity – In adherence to CDC guidelines, you’ll rarely find more than ten people, including staff, at any Jiffy Lube® location
  • Clean and Sanitized – The cleaning products we use are CDC approved, our team followed guidelines for handwashing and sanitizing, and the restroom is always fully stocked with hand soap and sanitizers

How Can We Make Vehicle Safety the Ultimate Priority?

When you visit one of our Jiffy Lube® locations, our team can give you a full health and safety report of your vehicle.  This means checking your wheels, tires, alignment, brakes, fluids, engine, battery, transmission, suspension, wipers, etc. You get the idea. When you drive away, you’ll know that your vehicle is ready to give you the experience you need every day. Your safety is the most important thing to us, whether you’re waiting in your car during service, or out on the road between appointments.

Many Services Makes for Better Discounts

If there are several items that need to be addressed for your vehicle to be as safe as you want it to be, ask our team about coupons and discounts that will save you more money. We love to add to the financial safety you feel when you save a bit of money and enjoy the discounted price of the services, we offer at Jiffy Lube®.

Come for the Service; Stay for the Safety

Don’t allow the coronavirus pandemic to keep you from enjoying a vehicle that’s safe and properly maintained on the road.  At Jiffy Lube®, safety is the ultimate priority. This priority extends not only to the car, truck, minivan, or SUV that you take out on the road, it also means keeping you as safe as possible from the virus when you’re at our facility.  Experience the safest environment and the safest drive when you see our Jiffy Lube® team today.