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It’s Time to Celebrate with Vehicle Maintenance at Jiffy Lube®

We hear about the different celebrations that take place every month and wonder if we’re going to be part of the group to celebrate. April is National Car Care Month and that means you can celebrate with everyone around you. We have more drivers on the road than ever before, making this an amazing celebration around the country. Our team at Jiffy Lube® would love to see you celebrate with some of the amazing services we offer to keep your car running right.

What’s So Special About April?

Even though the beginning of Spring takes place in March, April is typically when the colder temperatures end and the start of sunny days arrive to give us the feeling we want. This new and fresh feeling can be extended to your car during April. Bring your vehicle to one of our Jiffy Lube® locations and let our team offer you the service you need. Whether it’s time for an oil change, new wiper blades, or tire rotation, we’re ready to celebrate driving with you by offering excellent savings and specials in April.

Get Ready to Put the Top Down

Do you drive a convertible? Have you had it waiting in your garage through the winter months until the sunny days arrive again? Bring your convertible to our Jiffy Lube® location and let our team get you ready to enjoy the warm weather and sunny days that April can bring for you. Sure, there will be a few showers along the way…April Showers and all… but there are so many wonderful days with mild temperatures and new plants and flowers that you’re going to enjoy driving your car once you let our team get it ready for you.

It’s Nearly Air Conditioner Season; Are You Ready?

One of the worst feelings you can have is when you turn on the air conditioning in your car on a hot day and it doesn’t give you cool air at all. This can be seriously annoying and isn’t something you want to be faced with. Bring your car to our Jiffy Lube® team and we’ll check your air conditioning system to make sure it will come on and blow cool air for you when the temperatures are much higher. A little bit of preparation can be worth it for you.

We Have What You Need

Not only do you need to run your car through a wash to shake off the winter from your ride, but you need to bring your vehicle to our team at Jiffy Lube® to let our team give it the Spring checkup that’s needed for some great driving. You want to cruise on the quiet roads and challenge your skills on the curves during the warm weather; our team can make sure your car is ready to enjoy a month that celebrates you and the care you give to your car.

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