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ACE Jiffy Lube® has Selected the 5 “Do More” Winners

Those who do more for the community deserve to be recognized. Thanks to your nominations, ACE Jiffy Lube® has selected the five “Do More” winners. These winners are those that make a difference in the community they live in by using their vehicles to bring items and services to those who need them. These winners will receive a free oil change at one of our Jiffy Lube® locations as a small token of our gratitude for what they do for the community.

You Helped Us Reach Our Goals

With numerous Jiffy Lube® stores around the country, we are part of every community and strive to make a difference with volunteer services and recognition to those who work hard to do more. Your nominations have made a huge impact on our team with the #Drive2DoMore initiative. Not only did we reach the goal of receiving nominations for the five winners, but we also had so many entries that it was hard to choose the ones that would receive our prize. Thank you for offering so many wonderful people that are making a difference in the community every day.

The First Winner is Tyra Galloway

Ms. Tyra Galloway was selected as the first winner of the “Do More” prize for her commitment to her community. She spends a lot of time driving from the store to the food bank to some of the recipients in her town to bring the food to those who don’t have a way to get to the food bank. This food helps to make sure people don’t go hungry and have what they need. Because Tyra uses her car to bring food and supplies to those in need, she certainly deserves thanks and a free oil change.

You can Do More Too

Doing more for your community can make a huge impact. Whether you become a nominee or you simply want to enjoy serving your community and need to use your car to help out, you’ll want to see our team at Jiffy Lube®. You can find out how your vehicle can do more and help those in need after our team takes care of your service needs with our fast and friendly service that will keep you on the road, so you can drive with confidence every day.

Jiffy Lube Does More For You

Our Jiffy Lube® team is always looking out for our customer’s best interest. When you visit us we’ll dish out our very best service and you can feel good about servicing your vehicle with a company that does more for the community. When everyone works to do more, the world is a better place for all.