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Photo of vehicle windshield wiper

It’s impossible to understate the importance of visibility as you drive. You need to see potential obstacles around you, and other vehicles need to see you. One of the simplest parts of maintaining visibility is knowing when to replace the wiper near you. The following are some signs that you should take advantage of the windshield wiper Jiffy Lube service. Or, if you feel comfortable, you can swap your wipers yourself. 


Cracked Rubber

One of the biggest and most obvious signs that it is time to replace the wiper near me is if the rubber is cracked. The rubber can become damaged due to UV rays and exposure to other elements. Cracks aren’t just aesthetic. Being brittle or having cracks means that the wiper won’t stay in contact with the windshield, so that it won’t clean your window effectively. 


Failing Rubber Adhesive

Cracked rubber is far from the only reason your wiper blade may not stay in contact with the glass and not clean your window properly. The rubber adhesive that connects the blade and frame may also fail. You’ll usually be able to tell this is the issue because of the poor cleaning and the blade flopping around. 


Bent or Damaged Frame

Another fairly obvious sign that you need a replacement is if there is visible damage to the frame. Look for the blade’s frame being damaged or bent. Unfortunately, wiper frames are easy to damage and won’t work well if damaged. If you live somewhere with snow, it is especially easy to damage the frame while clearing off your car. Get a windshield wiper Jiffy Lube offers if you notice a damaged frame. 


Streaks on the Windshield

Another sure sign that you need a new windshield wiper Jiffy Lube offers is that your wipers aren’t cleaning your windows as well as they should. Specifically, look out for streaks on your windshield.

Remember that it is completely normal for minor streaking to occur. But replace the wiper near me if you notice dirt, water, or grime on your windshield even after using the cleaning fluid. Of course, before replacing the wipers, you can also try cleaning them; that may be all you need to do. 


They Make Noises

You should know what sounds your wipers usually make. So, if those sounds change, you need to replace the wiper near me. Specifically, be alert for chattering sounds or excessive squeaking. (Some squeaking is normal). This indicates that your wiper blades aren’t properly touching the glass, and you need windshield wiper Jiffy Lube service. 


Let Jiffy Lube Fix Your Windshield Wipers

If you suspect you need to replace the wiper near me, go to a Jiffy Lube for a replacement. Our windshield wiper Jiffy Lube service will involve inspecting your current wiper blades and frame and then replacing them if necessary. Our team can suggest which replacements will best suit your needs and budget.