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You know that part of owning a car is taking care of it, but you don’t necessarily have to handle everything yourself. Whether you need to work on the car AC compressor, filter replacements, transmission filter, or something else, a Jiffy Lube near me can take the stress out of maintenance and repairs. If you are putting off visiting Jiffy Lube, keep in mind the following reasons to schedule an appointment:

Complimentary Top-Off Services

One of the best reasons to look for a Jiffy Lube near me is the complimentary services that come with your oil change. These are complimentary top-off services that you get as part of your Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change. Just like filter replacements, work on the transmission filter, or repairs to your car AC compressor, you get a great value and a high level of service. 

Of the long list of complimentary top-off services during and between your oil changes, here are the ones you are most likely to take advantage of: 

  • Oil check and top-off
  • Washer fluid top-off
  • Tire pressure check and fill 
  • Tire tread and wear check
  • Transmission fluid top-off
  • Power steering fluid top off

As a note, these services are valid for up to 3,000 miles following your Jiffy Lube Signature Service Oil Change, and the oil top-off includes up to two quarts of oil.

Transmission Services

The various services for your transmission are yet another reason to visit a Jiffy Lube near me. From caring for your transmission filter, such as filter replacements, to replacing the transmission fluid, our team offers a full selection of relevant services. 

Remember that you need to periodically replace your transmission fluid because the additives deplete over time. Our Jiffy Lube technicians help by replacing the fluid whether you have a manual or automatic transmission. At the same time, we can check your transmission filter to see if you need filter replacements. If you do, we’ll handle that for you as well.

While your car is at a Jiffy Lube to look at the transmission filter, we can also inspect your car AC compressor and the relevant filters in the system. Of course, we can also handle filter replacements for the AC system and other filters in your auto.

Suspension Services 

In addition to services that may require filter replacements, Jiffy Lube can also provide you with suspension services. It’s smart to take care of these at the same time as your transmission filter, car AC compressor, and oil change. 

As a refresher, your suspension system features ball joints, bushing, and tie-rods, all of which can start to wear out over time. The shocks and struts are the parts of the suspension that we work on the most frequently, but we also assist with other components. 

Schedule Service With a Jiffy Lube Near Me

Whether you need a technician to look at your car AC compressor, need an oil change, or require another service, swing by a Jiffy Lube near me. Jiffy Lube has more than 60 branches in Florida, Massachusetts, and South Carolina. Book an appointment to keep your auto in great shape.